Hi, I'm Matt!

I'm an Illustrator/Designer that is currently studying Creative Business at Breda University of Applied Sciences with a specialization in UI/UX Design, as well as working as a freelance illustrator for industry clients

Trend Driven Innovation
Research into a specified target audience combined with innovative problem solving transformed into an innovative digital product
User research, UX Design, User Testing
Equipment Desk Reservations
Taking a frustrating problem and turning it into a usable and accessible app solution for university students
UI Desing, UX Design, User research
FIFA VR Competition
Using user insights to create an original VR idea and 3D prototype
User research, VR prototyping
Being There Website Rebrand
Web redesign to build empathy, awareness, and funds for a charitable organization
UI Design, Web development, Prototyping
Breda University Presentation
Applying a visual brand language to make effective and engaging presentation tool.
Illustration, Graphic Design
AGM Yearbook '22
Designing a visually appealing and effective yearbook to send off our graduate students with a special gift
Graphic Design, Illustration, Visual style
Short Documentary Marketing Design
Designing a consistent design style throughout a marketing campaign for a short documentary
Marketing and communication, Graphic Design
Children's Book Illustration - Yuki
Illustrations for a children's book set in a snowy land that teaches about achievement and determination
Illustration, Storytelling
Children's Book Illustration - Tahu and Wilder
Illustrations for a children's book about what it means to lose and to gain our loved ones.
Illustration, Storytelling
HJK Logo Design
Transforming the wishes of a client and brand values into a versatile logo
Graphic Design, Brand development,
Personal Art
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